Every month, Eclectic trends invites bloggers and friends to share their collections in the series “What do bloggers collect?“.  My favorites are these by Eclectic Trends herself, beeldSTEIL and Wohnbedarf.

ttmms 2Make music and visuals with your keyboard at Patatap.  Fascinating.  (source)


Third time already that I’m showing work by Frederico Babina.  This time, the architect and illustrator has made portraits of iconic architects and designers out of elements from their designs.  I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!  (source)


Doors in Ghent instantly reminded me of Windows of New York (featured on the blog before here), which turned out to be this project’s main source of inspiration.  So maybe not the most original concept, but super pretty nonetheless and closer to home…  Maybe those of you from Ghent can even find their own door here?

TTMMS 5This life-sized elephant was created by origami artist Sipho Mabona out of a 15 square meters sheet of paper.  Watch the making of here. (source)


French, CGI Designer, Benoit Challand came up with a whole alphabet of desks, each with its own character.  “You can sit in an A-shaped desk, feeling like you’re at the prow of a ship, or in the smooth curve of a D, far more comfortable than being boxed into a traditional cubicle.” (source)


The Rabot towers in Ghent (a social housing project from the seventies) are being demolished layer by layer and the removal of the facade revealed its colorful insides.  Photo by Pieter Lozie.


The a-ma-zing Horse Head Squirrel Feeder.  I need this.  (source)


Wrapped books at a book store, to avoid people judging a book by its cover.  (source)


Birdcage shaped like a horse.  I need this too, and some birds maybe.  (source)

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11816368564_cd7dd6674c_zimage by Elisse

During the month of February, Elisse and Malu organized a photo challenge  The goal of this challenge was to take one photo everyday, thereby sticking to a different theme each day.  I was very excited to take part and challenge myself to photograph more often again.  I used to take my camera with me everywhere I went but I’ve grown quite tired of lugging my heavy dslr around.  I missed taking pictures everyday though, so this was the perfect opportunity to do so again!  I have to admit, I didn’t finish.  Turns out taking interesting photos is not so easy when most of your days are spent behind your desk and I often found myself reluctant to drag my camera with me all the time.  There’s good news to though, I’ve recently splurged on a fancy phone which means I can take decent pictures everywhere I go now and you will soon see those on my instagram aupaysdesmerveillesblog.  Enough excuses, over to the result! Continue reading

PRETTY THINGS: packaging

PRETTY THINGS packaging via au pays des merveilles


Surely most of you have seen photos of the latest Chanel fashion show, for which Karl Lagerfeld and his team turned the Grand Palais into a supermarket, where every packaging down to the last detail was redesigned (see number 1).  The result was of course amazing and turned the show’s guests absolutely crazy.   It made me dream of a real life supermarket with nothing but well designed products,  thereby improving my everyday groceries experience, but also be very painful for my wallet, without a doubt.  So I figured it was about time I shared my favorite pretty products with you again!  It’s been a while since I did (see here, here and here) and I had a very hard time picking favorites from my pinterest board, so I figured why not share a few extra favorites?

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olivia bee via au pays des merveilles

Almost five years ago when I just started blogging, I discovered Olivia Bee‘s photos and shared them here.  Back then, she was only 14 years old but that didn’t stop her from landing a shoot for Converse.  One thing led to another and when I read about the 19 year old photographer who got to shoot Cacharel’s newest campaign in the newspaper last week, I was curious to discover her latest work.  Her photos are still as dreamy and full of atmosphere as 5 years ago, although this time I made a selection that feels a little bit more natural and spontaneous then the majority of her work, which is often more staged and posted but equally beautiful, although less in line with my taste.

“I strive to capture the ordinary, in an extraordinary way. Life is beautiful, perfect, and cinematic, if you look at the right moments. It’s not always an accurate summary of life in general, but it is those specific moments that make it worth living anyway.”

This quote of hers captures what I love in this selection very well and reminds me of Ryan McGinley‘s work, (who she names as one of her influences and happens to be one of my favorite photographers as well, proof here) but also of what I’m looking for when I have my camera in hand. Continue reading


textile by ella de vos, photography by hannelore veelaert

A while ago, I collaborated with Ella De Vos, a young textile designer from Antwerp.  Her friend Nathalie joined us early on a Sunday morning and together we went to the left bank of Antwerp to brave the cold and shoot her delicate designs, consisting of intricately knit scarves and sweaters.  Later we warmed ourselves in the apartment of a friend, before shooting again on his rooftop and on his terrace, with the central station and the city of Antwerp as a backdrop.

This shoot was a bit of an experiment for all three of us, I had never worked with a model before, Nathalie had no real modeling experience and Ella never worked with a photographer before either.  On top of that, I shot these photos on film, making it extra hard to judge whether or not we were doing a good job.  In the end, it all worked out just fine.  The weather was absolutely amazing that day and even though it was extremely cold so early in the morning, the light around sunrise was absolutely breathtaking.  I’m very pleased with the result and the fun day we had, so I’m excited to do this more often in the future!   Therefore I’ve created a portfolio for my photography, where you can find more of my work.  If you’re interested to collaborate, you can find my contact details there.

Ella De Vos’ collection is sold under the name Madame Seguin, more info and selling points here.

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PRETTY THINGS jewelry via au pays des merveilles

I’m still as much of a fan of delicate and dainty jewelry as I was when I wrote this and this post, so here’s another round-up of my latest favorites.  If you can’t get enough, take a look at my pinterest board on jewelry because there’s a lot more where that came from!

  1. Gold plated Linya ring from Silva/Bradshaw, available here at Still House.
  2. Lone Studs from Young Frankk, available here.  (Just a tip: at the moment they sell similar earrings at h&m for a more affordable price…)
  3. Silver folder earrings from Etsy seller AgJc, available here.
  4. Open thin gold ring, from Etsy seller StefanieSheehan.  Available here.
  5. Necklace N°2 from New Tendency, with stunning detail in the back designed by Marie Burkhard.  Available here.
  6. Lightning necklace from Veronique, a jewelry designer from my hometown who also makes the most beautiful name necklaces.  You can order her jewelry on her facebook page here.  (Prices for the necklaces vary between €50 and €75, depending on the material.)
  7. Steven Shein’s Pharos ring for Of a Kind, with two conflict-free (!) white diamonds.  Available here.
  8. Silver initial on gold chain necklace, available here.

pretty things jewelry via au pays des merveilles

Current favorites from my own jewelry box and a little sneak peek at how I store my jewelry and make-up: galena mineral necklace – h&m,  twig necklace – fashionology, chevron necklace – paper and chain (goodbye/birthday gift from my best friends), bullet necklace – c/o scotch and soda // boxes with cork lid, black and white box and glass – ikea, clips – hema, bowls – thrifted, tiny tin box – unknown // silver vertical ring – fashionology, tiny golden knuckle rings – h&m, gold and silver tiny bar earrings – h&m, golden triangle earrings – unknown (gift from a friend), – silver triangle earrings – fashionology

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