picture taken by me

How fascinating must it be to enter this abandoned hotel and wander through all these lonely rooms with their long forgotten stories?

Soon, I will share more photographs of this intriguing building we found while jogging along the coast, but for now I leave you with this website.  At WebUrbanist, you find several lists of abandoned buildings and entire ghost cities.  I find this so amazingly fascinating, I would love to visit all these places, accompanied by my camera and my outrageous fantasy. (I”m pretty sure I would be terrified by all the crazy stories my mind would come up with.)  Maybe I should shart close to home, with this beautiful castle in Menen, Belgium?


Next I would travel straight to Taiwan, to explore a futuristic resort village in San Zhi…


… followed by a trip to this abandonned theme park in Japan.



And finally I would head over to Balakava in Russia to discover the secrets of this top-secret abandoned submarine base.


Who’s coming with me on this great adventure?

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  1. Ilse

    kies mij, kies mij! :P dit soort verlaten plekken zijn zowel terrifying als fascinerend… in het buitenland hebben ze altijd van dat soort plekken, maar in NL zie je er echt heel weinig!

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