Last Sunday, me and my best friend visited the exhibition ‘In her shoes’ at the Modemuseum Hasselt (fashion museum in Hasselt).  IMG_3339

Obviously, this was an exhibition about shoes, shoes, shoes, and… more shoes.

DESIGNERSHOESExtremely expensive designer shoes….  (Pay attention to THE Manolo’s from the Sex and the City movie!)

rem d koolhaas

… architectural shoes…  (Rem D Koolhaas is NOT the same person as the famous architect Rem Koolhaas, it’s his nephew!)


…beautiful shoes from less famous designers…

helena rietjens… pumps and boots with fabulous decorations…

ellen verbeek

… versatile boots…


… and more conceptual shoes.  You name it, they’ve got it!

highThe shoes were divided into high…

low… and low…

… and were surrounded with the glamour they diserve.

You can find more information at the website of the museum, In Her Shoes will be staying in Hasselt until November 8.

PS.  I apologize for the sometimes poor quality of the pictures!  The museum was rather dark and I couldn’t always use flash since several shoes were behind glass…  I also apologize for not always adding the name of the designer, I don’t remember all of the rather unknown designers.


  1. Ilse

    geweldige collectie! :D vooral die Rem Koolhaas en die nude schoentjes die van hoog naar laag gingen. ik dacht ook echt zo van huhhh architecten schoenen?? haha.


    Oh haha ik zie dat je gewoon NLs spreekt =P ik twijfelde al een beetje dus postte toch maar in het Engels ;)
    Wat een gave schoenen/laarzen allemaal :O leuk dat je daarheen was!

  3. Elsje

    Deze expo is echt top! Alle shoelovers naar daar zou ik zo zeggen… Modemuseum Hasselt rules! ;-)

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