DENMARK / day four and five









A few weeks ago, I travelled through Denmark with many fellow architecture students.  These are my favourite photos of that trip (all of them are taken by me).  Move your mouse on the photos to find out more about what’s shown in the picture.

On our last day in Copenhagen, we visited the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, a museum with paintings by Picasso and Roy Lichtenstein, and a gorgeous view over the sea.

The next day, we left for Aarhus and spent the entire day on the bus and ferry.  In the evening we arrived at our hostel, which existed of several little chalets between the woods, next to a lake.  The chalets were so cosy, I really loved staying there!



    my sister, who coincidentally is also an architecture student just came back from Copenhagen =) She loooved it there, so jealous I couldn’t come with!

  2. Haylee

    As if I needed another reason to visit Denmark. That place looks so incredible. The artwork in the first picture looks especially intriguing. A 3D piece of art plus a beach ball? It’s gotta be good.

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