1.  Jenny Odell gathers images from Google satellite view and arranges them into “Satellite Collections”.  This one consists out of “Every Basketball Court in Manhattan”.  (source)

2.  Interesting advice.  (source)

3.  Addmen, adding brands to the city.  More examples here.

4.  A tattoo I haven’t seen before… (source)

5.  Don Kenn’s monsterdrawings on post-it notes. (source)

6.  Amazing bookmarks by available here. (source)

7.  Great street art.  This one is in Brussels, so I’m hoping to cross it some day! (source, photo)

8.  Jasper Wong‘s Little Shop of Wonder: he turned a space into a giant coloring book where all the kids in the area can have fun.  I would’ve loved this as a kid!  (source)

9.  Duncan Shotton’s Magnetic Cloud Key Holder.  I’d never lose my keys again and it looks good!  What more is there to ask for?  (source)

10.  Adorable sugar cubes from belle de sucre: they come in every shape and every pastel color.  Too good to be true if you ask me! (source)

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