1.  Horsey, a detachable bicycle ornament to make your bike look like, well, a horse.  The goal of the designer was to make cyclists love their bike not only as a way of transportation, but also as a pet.  (source)

2.  This lovely garden party setting (by Desiree Spinner Events), makes me long for summer although winter hasn’t even properly started!  (source)

3.  Wonderful idea for a ring to give to a loved one.  (source)

4.  There’s no way you’ll have bad dreams when you’re sleeping inside of pizza, right?  (source)

5.  Pieterjan Grandry‘s ‘Gif player’, which is some sort of turntable, that makes it possible to display gif’s in real life.  (source)

6.  Beautiful luggage tags by harlex, including messages like ‘not your bag’ or ‘my clothes won’t fit you’.  (source)

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  1. Lies

    Dat paard is echt supertof, ik zou het direct willen op m’n fiets maar ook dan weer zoveel schrik dat iemand het zou beschadigen of stelen! Maar echt zaaalig!

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