1. Lovely messages inside the fridge. (source unknown)

2.  Lots of floral patterns in Ilanka’s outfits.  You will probably never find me in a similar outfit, but still, I think it’s beautiful!  (source)

3.  This adorable tea set, available here.  (source)

4.  Kaleidoism can turn any image into a customizable kaleidoscope. When I was a kid, I always regretted not having one, so yay!  (source)

5.  NASA’s ‘Most Amazing High Definition Image of Earth – Blue Marble 2012’ gets me dreaming of outer space… Take a look at it in full size (which is huge!) here.  (source)

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  1. Phara

    Ik had die boodschap eerst helemaal niet gezien in de koelkast; ik maar denken, hmm die wortels liggen raar. :)
    Heel leuke theeset ook!

  2. elisse

    Ooooh die boodschap in de ijskast, superlief! wel niet echt handig uiteraard. En ne kaleidoscoop, jeeej! Dat worden uuuuren speelplezier!

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