Remember last week’s photography post?  I loved reading all of your suggestions of what I might have photographed, but I think it’s time to reveal the mystery!  I noticed gorgeous shadows from plants outside of the window on our kitchen cupboards.  The doors are white and very reflective, which is probably why some of you thought I photographed reflections on a water surface.  In the last photo you can actually see me in the reflection, sitting on the floor (no, that’s not a dolphin’s tail, as one of you suggested!) and in the first one you can see a reflection of said window.

But I did photograph reflections on a water surface, which you can see in these first two photos.

These last three photos remind me of double exposures, but they’re actually not.  Curious?

all photos by me

PS.  While you’re reading this, I’m taking my first exam… Wish me luck!

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  1. Siel

    Experimenteren met foto’s is echt leuk :) En het is geweldig als er dan zo’n mooie resultaten van komen als bij jou!
    Veel succes met je examens! Ik zit al over de helft (:

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