1. Handmade folded notebooks are a must for every creative notebook lover.  (source)
  2. Glass etched decanter.  I love the triangle design!  (source)
  3. The only things that worries me about this chain camera strap, is how comfortable this could possibly be.  I’d love to try it though, it looks fabulous!  (source)
  4. Origami bows made out of magazine pages.  (source)
  5. Bored of your regular plastic camera?  Give it a makeover!  (source)
  6. Pop up polaroid card: seems perfect for an invitation.  (source)
  7. A colorful makeover for your everyday pots and dishes. (source)
  8. Braided bead bracelet.  I’ve been making bracelets like crazy lately, this one’s next on my to do list!  (source)
  9. More DIY camera straps!  (source)`

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  1. xixia

    Oh gosh…I wish I could make those origami bows! They’re adorable. And those camera straps have great colors. ^^
    ♥ xixia

  2. Nel

    Ik heb wel vijf notitieboekjes, maar ze zelf maken lijkt me, gezien mijn vele gesleur ermee, niet zo’n goed plan wegens ‘uitelkaarvalgevaar’.
    En als je dan toch bezig bent, mag je voor mij best ook zo’n kek armbandje vervaardigen. Een okergeel alstublieft, dankuwel! :)

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