Whenever you’re on a miradouro (a viewpoint) in Lisbon and you look across the river, there’s Jesus staring right back at you.  So together with a friend, I went on a little adventure to ‘the other side’ of Lisbon.  Instead of taking the ‘normal’ road through the city up to the statue, we opted for a little bit more exploring so we walked along the river and later ventured through some abandoned buildings to get up the hill.  We left a little bit too late and didn’t bring any flashlights, so it became a little bit more adventurous than we aimed for, but we made it to Cristo Rei right when they were closing, and the sweet nun let us in anyway, so we got a private nighttime view.  

all photos by me

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  1. Sanne

    Wauw! Knappe foto’s! Ik wil ook al heel lang eens naar Lissabon gaan,
    waarschijnlijk komt het er deze zomer eindelijk van…

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