415-628x500Moon simulator from NASA, to train astronauts for their landing on the moon.  (source unknown)

au pays des merveillesLest you forget kiss card: “put imprint of your lips in this space”.  Totally gets rid of all possible confusions! (source unknown)

au pays des merveillesChairs by Merve Kahraman.

au pays des merveillesPortuguese sayings translated in English, perfect to help me improve my portuguese, but more than that: really funny.  This is apparently what you say when someone does crazy things…

au pays des merveilles(source unknown)

au pays des merveilles

I’ve always seen an octopus in this kind of hanger, now I know I’m not the only one!  (unknown source)

au pays des merveillesHipster Tintin (or Kuifje, as we call him in dutch), by Grainne Tynan.
au pays des merveillesColorful work by Shae Acopian Detar.  (source)

au pays des merveillesOne classy leopard. (source unknown)

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