au pays des merveilles

  1. Arrow cuff from Nasty gal: unfortunately already sold out… Hopefully they restock again!
  2. Beautiful antler ring from aether design, available in sterling silver and 9ct gold.
  3. My favourite: “Home is where the heart is” engraved cuff from Lisanne Janssen, photo by Danique from 88forever.  Totally speaks to me due to the two homes (Portugal & Belgium) situation I have going on right now…
  4. Golden twig bracelet, unfortunately without source…
  5. Kissing swallows bracelet from shopbop.
  6. Double band brass ring from Young Frank jewelry.
  7. Yara‘s studded ear: so minimalistic and so beautiful.
  8. Arro ring by two hills – they really have the best rings.

For more pretty jewelry, take a look at this post or my pinterest board.

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  1. Danique | 88Forever

    hihi die heb ik ook allemaal in een pinterest mapje staan, zo mooi! thanks voor het linkje trouwens :)

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