au pays des merveilles

You already know I have a slight obsession with beautiful packaging (see my branding pinterest board and thisthis and  this post), so when I entered  ‘A Vida Portuguesa‘, I thought I was in heaven.  This store sells all kinds of authentic portuguese products, from sea salt to soap and from notebooks to sardines and all are wrapped in the most beautiful packaging.  Unfortunately it’s a little bit expensive, and some of these items you can find cheaper in local drug stores, but the shop is beau-ti-ful and it’s fascinating to roam around and check out everything they sell.  The photos from this post are taken when I went  to Porto (it’s one of the shops in Rua da galeria de paris, which I talked about yesterday), but they also have a shop in Lisbon, located in a really cool old building but a lot smaller.  Anyway, if you’re in Lisbon or Porto and looking for souvenirs, this is where you should go.

au pays des merveilles

au pays des merveilles

au pays des merveilles

au pays des merveilles

au pays des merveilles

au pays des merveilles

au pays des merveilles

au pays des merveillesall photos by me

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  1. Mafalda Nunes

    Que fotos lindas!! E tal como tu também sou viciada em embalagens! vou seguir-te já no pinterest !!!!
    Conta-me tudo estás no porto, estás a gostar? :)
    I spoke in Portuguese for you continue to practice your skills!


  2. Natalie (latanie)

    Deze winkel is zo leuk he! Ik bracht wat mooie Claus zeepjes mee uit Porto, ook voor de verpakking natuurlijk :)
    Eén van mijn meest favoriete winkels so far :)

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