pretty things: go green via au pays des merveilles

Since the Belgian weather isn’t really co-operating on giving us some spring, we have to do it ourselves, by bringing some green into our homes for instance.

  1. I love this ‘living wall’ created by urban landscaper Kari Elwell Katzander of Mingo Design.  Gives you some green, some light and some privacy.  Perfect.  More photos of this house here.
  2. These concrete planters seem like an easy DIY, but if you’re a bit lazy: you can also buy them at Joanna Wojtkowiak’s etsy.
  3. Jeremie Egry and Aurelien Arbet did a series called Underground, consisting of plants growing in the most unlikely places, such as these books, a cap and a jean jacket.
  4. You can use this mobile prism as is, but it is also the perfect size to hold air plants.  I’m kind of confused about what exactly air plants might be (or more exactly, what they live from), but it looks really pretty.  You can buy this ‘Himmeli’ (referring to the finish tradition of celebrating the winter solstice and serving as a means of good fortune for the future, Himmeli is swedish for sky, or heaven) here.
  5. Textile designer Isabel Wilson lives in a gorgeous home filled with plants, and -as they always do- freunde von freunden captured it beautifully.  More here.
  6. Beautiful hanging vases by textile and fashion designer Jurgen Lehl.
  7. These hanging copper and brass vases by The Workshop Gallery are handcrafted.  So beautiful.
  8. Here you can find these wonderful concrete and steel vases that do a pretty good job keeping your single flower straight.

More ideas can be found in this and this old post, or in my pinterest.

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