Hiroko Kubota via au pays des merveillesHiroko Kubota is a Japanese embroidery artist who started decorating shirts with cats on her sons request.  You can find them here.  (source)

Tadao Cern via au pays des merveillesTadao Cern, architect turned photographer, made this series called ‘Comfort Zone’, exploring people’s behavior on the beach.  (source)archipix via au pays des merveillesFederico Babina Architect simplifies famous architects and their buildings into 8 bit drawings, for a series called ARCHIPIX.  (source)

via au pays des merveillesThis adorable lion cub is having the time of his life in the Drummond Safari Park.  (source)

yoni lefevre via au pays des merveillesFor the series Grey Power,  Yoni Lefévre recreated children’s drawings of their grandparents in photos.  (source)

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  1. Elisse

    Oh die laatste fotoserie, prachtig! Super origineel, en altijd een goeie combinatie, kleinkinderen met grootouders! Mega schattig!

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