life in may via au pays des merveilles

The past month has been super busy once again, as you might have noticed on my instagram.  I divided my time between working on my thesis and a few photography jobs, but luckily there was time to catch up with friends and time for a few blogging events with pretty clothes and yummy ice cream.  Here’s a little recap of what I’ve been up to, featuring  instagram shots and a few photos that you haven’t seen yet!

I had to photograph a construction site but I didn’t come prepared… luckily these shoes from pimkie are water resistant and easy to clean!  // another shot of my feet (this time in pony hair loafers from h&m) while I was working on a photography job, this time I had to shoot a party venue that still showed some signs of last night’s fun // on my way to the & other stories opening in one of my favorite pairs of pants (I love printed pants! proof: 1 2 3) and pistol boots lookalikes, another favorite in my closet // I added another pair of animal-inspired shoes to my collection (last month I invested in croco texture and pony hair), lovely h&m espadrilles with a flamingo print on the inside // another construction site on that same day (shoes are still dirty), where it seems like I’m walking on clouds!  // Yet another new pair of shoes (oops.  I have an excuse, since I didn’t buy any new summer shoes last year!), new loafers had been on my wishlist for a while and when sasha offered 20% discount, I had to click these pink suede shoes home.

life in may via au pays des merveilles

Working on my thesis means drinking lots and lots of coffee, luckily my new flatmate’s pantone mug looks pretty on my desk // three new albums (I’m one of those people who stubbornly keeps buying cd’s, yes!) to reward myself for all the hard work: Amatorski’s “From clay to figures”, Oscar and the Wolf’s Entity (I’m obsessed with this album at the moment, so good) and Oaktree’s Chapters (by pure coincidence I ended up at this guy’s home party that same night.  Great party and great album!)  // home made lemonade (recipe here) to motivate me while spending the days behind my computer (flamingo pricker by zak!designs) // taking a break with coffee and dS magazine and coming across Patricia showing the best shops of Antwerp // sneak peek of my room which you might have seen on facebook already.  I’ve promised a room tour so many times but there’s still some things I want to change first, which will have to wait until I have a little bit more time on my hands! (photo by Jaka)

life in may via au pays des merveilles

I already posted about the architecture I photographed these past months, but here’s a few shots I took with my phone of the Warande in Turnhout (first photo) and party venue Futur in Turnhout.  The second one was taken during a library visit in Leuven (campus library Arenberg).

life in may via au pays des merveilles

Magnum opened up a pop-up shot at the Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp and I was very happy to be invited to join for the opening.  I was a bit hesitant (as granddaughter of an ice cream vendor for ice cream brand ‘t Ijsboerke, I have to defend my roots with pride!) but I totally recommend these customizable ice creams.  Mine was covered with milk chocolate, rose petals, almonds, white chocolate curls and white chocolate drizzle and was absolutely delicious!  //  My Tomado shelves from Hema, photographed by Marijke.  She came by to ask me about my 5 favorites and my camera collection was one of those.  You can find the interview here!  // Pretty shopping bag from & other stories.  I forgot to take photos during the opening (too many people to talke to (fun!) and a horrible headache (not so much fun)) but I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful shop all over the blogosphere already. // Unwrapping my brand new white silk shirt // Working on photos I shot of Tiany Kiriloff for belmodo and webshop shoescribe.  You can find the result on Tiany’s instagram, the shoescribe instagram and the belmodo site. // Absolutely mrs. K hosted a competition and asked what we’d bring to London.  For me: a camera, comfy shoes, my casio watch, ray ban sunglasses and muji notebook and pen.  But most importantly: my friends Lien and Dorien!  Dorien and I became friends during a school trip to London 10 years ago and we visited London and our friend Lien (who was studying in Portsmouth at the time) again 5 years ago.  Which means we need another trip to London this year to celebrate!

life in may via au pays des merveilles

Last weekend I had three visitors from my time in Lisbon.  I took them to the MAS to see Antwerp from above.  //  Jaka took this shot of the four of us with his gopro on the MAS rooftop   // Nuno and Sma // beautiful concert at Leave Us At Dawn // my friends chatting at the party // our delicious brunch in my garden the next morning // Jaka photographed us saying goodbye to him on the train (as you can see I took some photos with my Diana, hopefully they turned out well and I can show them soon!)

life in may via au pays des merveilles

I’m still stopping by the Schelde to take in the view, looking at the water calms me down everytime.  // view of last night’s rooftop barbecue // beautiful sky

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    • Hannelore

      Dankje! Ik heb ze voor amper 20 euro gevonden bij Blanco, het waren de laatsten en net in mijn maat, dus heel erg veel chance gehad want ik zocht al lang naar zo’n laarsjes!

  1. Laurein (@LAUREIN)

    Ik hou van uw nieuwe schoenen collectie, je kan er nooit te veel hebben ;)
    En goeie plaatjes gekocht, bands waar ik ook vaak naar luister. Een aanrader moest je ze nog niet kennen: kensington!

    Leuk je te ontmoeten trouwens!

  2. Elisse

    Prachtige foto’s alweer Hannelore. Ik ga snel eens kijken naar de foto’s die je maakte van Tiany! En whow, ben jaloers op uw prachtige schoenencollectie! :)

    • Hannelore

      Dankje! Ja mijn schoenencollectie is wel goed ge-update beseft ik opeens, 6 paar nieuwe schoenen op 2 maanden… maar goed, één paar daarvan is gekregen en ik had echt geen (zomer)schoenen meer dus het mocht. Maar nu is het wel even genoeg geweest met al dat schoenen shoppen ;)

  3. Marloes Pieper

    Ah Hannelore ik zit die canvasconnectie afleveringen te bekijken, gaaaaf!! Allemaal interesante mensen!! Nu nog even uitzoeken hoe of en waar ik het kan terugkijken

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