whiz' playlist via au pays des merveilles

Last week, I shared the photos I took of Whiz while they were recording.  I asked them to compose a playlist with their biggest musical heroes and most important influences, to give you an idea of what they sound like.  I’ll leave it up to these nine tracks to convince you of their great taste in music, so enjoy!

  1. Spoon – Don’t make me a target
  2. Wilco – Hotel Arizona
  3. Motorpsycho – The other fool
  4. My morning jacket – Lay Low
  5. Atlas Sound – Shelia
  6. Girls – Laura
  7. Kurt Vile – Puppet to the man
  8. Warren Zevon – My Shit’s fucked up
  9. Frank Zappa & the Mothers of invention – I’m the slime

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One comment

  1. Lies

    ze waren in mijn hometown gisteren maar ik heb nu pas door dat zij dat waren! dacht dat het een andere whiz was. nu heb ik het gemist, spijtig!

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