Almost 4 months ago I announced that I’d be taking a break from blogging until I would graduate one month later… Today that diploma is in my hands, but I’m not blogging again just yet.  I’ve been working hard the past months, doing student jobs for a last time but also as an intern for Baroness O.  That ended about week ago and now I’m doing some freelance photography jobs while looking for a day job.  But first, I’m taking a well deserved vacation to Barcelona!  After that, the relaunch of Au Pays Des Merveilles is the first thing on my agenda and I am really looking forward to start blogging again!

It’s been quiet here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active in the blogosphere.  I’ve already been preparing some content for the new Au Pays Des Merveilles, but I’ve also been active on some other blogs.  During the last week before my graduation, I kept a photo diary for Laura Pauline K. which you can find here, while this week I am guest blogging for Antwerpen Streetstyle, showing you the most fashionable architects and the most remarkable architecture in the city.  (My first post is already online here!) You can also find a some of my photos from Interieur Kortrijk on the Baroness O. blog, here, here and here.  (And if you didn’t see them yet, make sure to check out the DIY’s that we designed for Interieur Kortrijk here!)  If you’re curious to see what I’m up to, you can follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter, where I’ll keep you up to date on the relaunch of the blog and the next guest posts for Antwerpen Streetstyle.

See you soon!


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