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pretty things: collages via au pays des merveilles

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As promised, here is a selection of the collages I’ve collected lately.  Check out my pinterest to find more collage inspiration and get out those scissors to give it a try yourself!

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PRETTY THINGS: tote bags

pretty things tote bags via au pays des merveilles

My daily bag is most definitely a canvas tote.  Whether you need to bring just your daily necessities, do some groceries on the way home or bring an extra sweater: it always fits and it’s never too bulky.  There’s just one problem: they don’t last a very long time.  Now that my favorite tote bag (I’m talking about the white version of the “my bauhaus is better than yours” tote from this post, which already replaced the black version) has  developed holes big enough for my keys to fit through, it’s time to think about replacement.  I’ve been keeping an eye out for a pretty substitute and I’ve gathered my finds here.  Number 2 is probably my favorite, although I have a hard time picking just one.  (Especially when I look back at this post from two years ago, where number 4 and number 6 caught my attention again.)   Which one would you pick?  (And feel free to share if you found other great designs!) Continue reading

PRETTY THINGS: etsy finds

etsy finds via au pays des merveilles

It’s hard to imagine that some of you have never bought anything on etsy, but if that’s the case: this is your chance.  If you register on etsy now via this link, you’ll get € 5 discount on your first purchase, not bad right?  Etsy offers an amazing amount of pretty things and it’s easy to get lost when you’re looking for something specific, so I’ve selected a few of my recent favorites that I think you might like as well.  Continue reading


archiset by frederico babina via au pays des merveillesArchitect and illustrator Frederico Babina made this beautiful series of drawings based on movie sets.  Archiset represents the movie sets as cross-sections of a doll house, including characters and props from the movies.  (source)

Scolapianta by Mathery via au pays des merveilles

‘Scolapianta’ is a clever dish rack designed by multidisciplinary studio Mathery.  While you are doing the dishes, Scolapianta waters your plants and gives you an excuse not to dry the dishes.  Two thumbs up!  (source)

cakes by handmade charlotte via au pays des merveilles

Handmade Charlotte bakes the most beautiful cakes, and the animal cakes are my favorite.  Reminds me of the owl cake I made for my sister (another Charlotte) two years ago.  Lots of work, but the result was definitely worth it.

file_mon by escuderoandaluz via au pays des merveilles

File_món is a series of images generated on the computer desktop through the distribution of icons and files arranged over images, which
are downloaded from the internet and set as wallpaper. The computer screen is used as a canvas for a critical collage. It appraises the
potential of creating new images on the computer.”   Interesting series of work by Cèsar Escudero Andaluz and an excuse to pile on those files on your desktop.

lady planter by the sill via au pays des merveilles

How much fun are these ‘Lady Planters‘ by The Sill? They sell all kinds of plants, but these are my favorite without a doubt.  Unfortunately they only deliver in Manhattan and Brooklyn…  (source)

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