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PRETTY THINGS: tote bags

pretty things tote bags via au pays des merveilles

My daily bag is most definitely a canvas tote.  Whether you need to bring just your daily necessities, do some groceries on the way home or bring an extra sweater: it always fits and it’s never too bulky.  There’s just one problem: they don’t last a very long time.  Now that my favorite tote bag (I’m talking about the white version of the “my bauhaus is better than yours” tote from this post, which already replaced the black version) has  developed holes big enough for my keys to fit through, it’s time to think about replacement.  I’ve been keeping an eye out for a pretty substitute and I’ve gathered my finds here.  Number 2 is probably my favorite, although I have a hard time picking just one.  (Especially when I look back at this post from two years ago, where number 4 and number 6 caught my attention again.)   Which one would you pick?  (And feel free to share if you found other great designs!) Continue reading

PRETTY THINGS: etsy finds

etsy finds via au pays des merveilles

It’s hard to imagine that some of you have never bought anything on etsy, but if that’s the case: this is your chance.  If you register on etsy now via this link, you’ll get € 5 discount on your first purchase, not bad right?  Etsy offers an amazing amount of pretty things and it’s easy to get lost when you’re looking for something specific, so I’ve selected a few of my recent favorites that I think you might like as well.  Continue reading

PRETTY THINGS: press day favorites

pretty things press days favorites via au pays des merveilles

If you’re into the blogosphere, you probably noticed the past weeks were filled with press days and new collections.  I joined in on the fun a little bit and discovered lots of pretty things!  Totally appropriate for a Pretty Things post, so I’ve selected 8 brands you want to keep an eye at for next season. Continue reading


PRETTY THINGS: packaging

PRETTY THINGS packaging via au pays des merveilles


Surely most of you have seen photos of the latest Chanel fashion show, for which Karl Lagerfeld and his team turned the Grand Palais into a supermarket, where every packaging down to the last detail was redesigned (see number 1).  The result was of course amazing and turned the show’s guests absolutely crazy.   It made me dream of a real life supermarket with nothing but well designed products,  thereby improving my everyday groceries experience, but also be very painful for my wallet, without a doubt.  So I figured it was about time I shared my favorite pretty products with you again!  It’s been a while since I did (see here, here and here) and I had a very hard time picking favorites from my pinterest board, so I figured why not share a few extra favorites?

Continue reading


PRETTY THINGS tattoos via au pays des merveilles

123 – 4 – 56 – 7 – 8

I’ve explained to you before what my opinion is on tattoos, and I haven’t changed my mind.  I see a tattoo as a way to remember something, maybe to communicate a message with others or yourself.  A message that is valuable and important to you and by eternalizing it becomes a form of poetry.  So no fake tattoos for me, no too fashionable tattoos either.  I’ve been toying with a couple ideas lately but I haven’t made up my mind yet, so for now I’m just looking at pretty tattoos on others.  I’m in love with the work of Stanislava Pinchuk, a designer known as Miso, who tattoos her friends at home with delicate constellations and flora (as seen in number 1, 2 and 3) in exchange for a drawing, a dinner…  Other favorites are the skyline, a perfect way to remember a favorite city (as seen in number 4) and the literary tattoo that is part of Shelley Jackson’s Skin project (as seen in number 8).  This is a story published exclusively in tattoos, 2095 tattoos for 2095 volunteers.  It can never be read in its proper order, but the story exists out there.  It reminds me of the Human Rights Tattoo, a project where volunteers donate one square centimeter to a letter of the human rights declaration.  For more tattoo inspiration, take a look at my pinterest board.

PS. This post on Booooooom is really eye-opening on facebook and how facebook pages work, as many people who liked a page and want to receive its updates, won’t ever see them unless the facebook page owner pays money.  Despite the fact that this blog has over 600 followers on facebook, some posts only reach 6 people.  Less than one percent.  So if you want to stay updated, go to the au pays des merveilles page, click on “Liked” and select “Get Notifications” in the dropdown menu.  In theory you should receive all the au pays des merveilles facebook posts now and be able to stay up to date!

PPS.  I’m selling some clothes on Flemish facebookpage Louvintage, take a look at what I’m selling here.  It’s in Dutch and aimed at Belgian girls, but if you’re really interested in something you can always send me an email.

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PRETTY THINGS: DaWanda finds

PRETTY THINGS DaWanda finds via au pays des merveilles

With a lot of birthdays coming up in the next weeks, I’m already researching ideas for gifts.  I love giving something I made myself, but I don’t always have enough time on my hands.  When I’m buying someone a present, I still want it to be something unique and that’s when a website like DaWanda comes in handy.  This ‘on line design market’ is the home to many independent designers.  Here you will surely find something special for a loved one… or yourself!  To make it a little easier, I’ve collected my favorites below.

  1. Lasercut virgo necklace by Asymmetree, available in all zodiac signs.
  2. Wooden tripod by Renna Deluxe to give a classic clip lamp an update and turn it into a beautiful standing lamp.  (After all, how many pretty vintage desk lamps does one need?)
  3. Geometric necklace from SNUG, available in different colors.
  4. Stunning macbook sleeve by TheNavis.
  5. Pastel colored necklace in leather by Missismiss.
  6. Platter from SNUG, who you might know from this beautiful calendar (as seen on the blog before here) and number three above. They also have beautiful posters and cardboard vases, so be sure to check it out.
  7. Geometric earrings in silver by Danielle Vroemen jewelry.
  8. Origami birds from birdtoldme, available in different colors.

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