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inhabited type via au pays des merveillesJing Zhang designed these inhabited letters with an astonishing amount of detail.  (source)

things i told the internet but didn't tell my mom via au pays des merveilles

Anna Ladd questions privacy in these times of blogging and social networks in her series “Things I told the internet but didn’t tell my mom”.  Each of the handmade banners expresses a statement that she posted on the internet over the years but never talked about in person.  (source)

kings and queens of architecture via au pays des merveilles

In the series “Kings and queens of architecture”, illustrator Paul Stuller drew starchitects wearing their most iconic building on their head.  (By the way, you can find my photographs of Bjarke Ingels’ “hat” here.)  (source)

belgian slang via au pays des merveilles

Opening Ceremony is paying tribute to Belgium this month, by posting a Belgian Slang Dictionary on their blog.  You can find all of them here and even send in suggestions!

calligraphy animals via au pays des merveilles

These wonderfully simple animals are drawn by Andrew Fox with just a few strokes of his calligraphy pen.  (source)

engraved rolling pin via au pays des merveilles

These engraved rolling pins look like so much fun, but the best is yet to come: you can even get them custom made!  Get them here.  (source)

houseplant cupcakes via au pays des merveilles

With the cacti-craze and succulent love that has been going around lately (you can read more about my personal plant favorites here, here, here and here or on pinterest), it was just a matter of time before someone combined their love for plants with their love for food.  Thanks to Brooklyn-based baker Alana Jones-Mann, you can find out how to make these cupcakes yourself here.  (source)

thruth facts via au pays des merveilles

You can find the most fun infographics at truthfacts.

landscapes for the people via au pays des merveilles

“Landscapes for the People” is a series by Mark Lyon, displaying the contradiction between these peaceful landscape that are used as a background in stressful environments.  Quite ironic.  (source)

the interiors of wes anderson via au pays des merveilles

I saved the best for last: design bible Apartamento explored the world of Wes Anderson’s movie sets, all of which are designed up until the smallest details.  More photos here.

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Every month, Eclectic trends invites bloggers and friends to share their collections in the series “What do bloggers collect?“.  My favorites are these by Eclectic Trends herself, beeldSTEIL and Wohnbedarf.

ttmms 2Make music and visuals with your keyboard at Patatap.  Fascinating.  (source)


Third time already that I’m showing work by Frederico Babina.  This time, the architect and illustrator has made portraits of iconic architects and designers out of elements from their designs.  I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!  (source)


Doors in Ghent instantly reminded me of Windows of New York (featured on the blog before here), which turned out to be this project’s main source of inspiration.  So maybe not the most original concept, but super pretty nonetheless and closer to home…  Maybe those of you from Ghent can even find their own door here?

TTMMS 5This life-sized elephant was created by origami artist Sipho Mabona out of a 15 square meters sheet of paper.  Watch the making of here. (source)


French, CGI Designer, Benoit Challand came up with a whole alphabet of desks, each with its own character.  “You can sit in an A-shaped desk, feeling like you’re at the prow of a ship, or in the smooth curve of a D, far more comfortable than being boxed into a traditional cubicle.” (source)


The Rabot towers in Ghent (a social housing project from the seventies) are being demolished layer by layer and the removal of the facade revealed its colorful insides.  Photo by Pieter Lozie.


The a-ma-zing Horse Head Squirrel Feeder.  I need this.  (source)


Wrapped books at a book store, to avoid people judging a book by its cover.  (source)


Birdcage shaped like a horse.  I need this too, and some birds maybe.  (source)

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archiset by frederico babina via au pays des merveillesArchitect and illustrator Frederico Babina made this beautiful series of drawings based on movie sets.  Archiset represents the movie sets as cross-sections of a doll house, including characters and props from the movies.  (source)

Scolapianta by Mathery via au pays des merveilles

‘Scolapianta’ is a clever dish rack designed by multidisciplinary studio Mathery.  While you are doing the dishes, Scolapianta waters your plants and gives you an excuse not to dry the dishes.  Two thumbs up!  (source)

cakes by handmade charlotte via au pays des merveilles

Handmade Charlotte bakes the most beautiful cakes, and the animal cakes are my favorite.  Reminds me of the owl cake I made for my sister (another Charlotte) two years ago.  Lots of work, but the result was definitely worth it.

file_mon by escuderoandaluz via au pays des merveilles

File_món is a series of images generated on the computer desktop through the distribution of icons and files arranged over images, which
are downloaded from the internet and set as wallpaper. The computer screen is used as a canvas for a critical collage. It appraises the
potential of creating new images on the computer.”   Interesting series of work by Cèsar Escudero Andaluz and an excuse to pile on those files on your desktop.

lady planter by the sill via au pays des merveilles

How much fun are these ‘Lady Planters‘ by The Sill? They sell all kinds of plants, but these are my favorite without a doubt.  Unfortunately they only deliver in Manhattan and Brooklyn…  (source)

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eiskreem via au pays des merveilles

Eiskreem is a new Belgian brand of home made ice cream that creates exciting new combinations of flavors and delivers them to your door each month.  That’s right, you can take an ice cream subscription!  A-ma-zing.   (source)

new yeezy resolutions via au pays des merveillesWe might be a few weeks into 2014 already, but maybe you still need some inspiration for your new year’s resolutions?  Look no further… Kanye can help you with that, at new yeezy resolutions.

i'm google via au pays des merveilles

I’m Google is an ongoing digital art project by Baltimore artist Dina Kelberman, and serves as a visual representation of the wonders of google image search.  If you scroll trough this tumblr, you will see the subjects seamlessly change, from hay sculptures to crocheted pumpkins to pot holders to balloons… Very fascinating.  (source)

theo and beau via au pays des merveilles

Chances are you’ve already seen this one, but I had to post it anyway since they are so incredibly adorable.  Theo and Beau take naps together every day. Too cute!

i was an awesomer kid via au pays des merveilles

I was an awesomer kid collects photos of awesome kids and proves you will never be as cool.

this is sand via au pays des merveilles

Thisissand lets you relive those days when all you had to do all day was play around in the sandbox, only now you can add some color and save your creations to the gallery.

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christmas things that make me smile via au pays des merveilles

This year I’m spending Christmas with my parents and sister in my beloved Portugal, so no traditional christmas this year but we are making new traditions instead.  I’m not sure what to expect just yet, so that’s why I collected a little bit of christmas inspiration to get into the holiday mood… enjoy!

  1. I have to admit, traditional Christmas carols drive me nuts!  So that’s where this alternative christmas playlist comes in handy, with songs by The XX and The Knife among others.  Can’t go wrong with that!
  2. Confetti Ssystem designed this fun alternative for a traditional Christmas tree.
  3. Another alternative christmas tree, made out of bits of nature found outside.
  4. If you don’t have enough room for an actual Christmas tree, these pine branches in vintage cups are a good alternative!  (source unknown)
  5. Amazing Christmas ornaments by Ferm Living that shouldn’t be too hard to make yourself.  My next Christmas tree will definitely have similar ornaments!
  6. Emilie Voirin designed this minimal nativity set, for the design-loving believers out there.  (source)
  7. Quietroom is a British office specializing in brand analysis and worked their magic on the ‘brand’ of Santa.  (source)
  8. Yule Log 2.0 asks artist around the world to redesign the traditional yule log, resulting in an infinite loop of different animated logs.  Pretty cool!

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