life in june au pays des merveilles 3

The amount of pictures I took in the month of June is astonishing.  It seems like I’m finally getting used to that phone camera and being able to take pictures at any given moment, and I’m loving it! Continue reading


au pays des merveillesphotos by me

A few weeks ago, some friends from my erasmus time in Portugal came over for the weekend.  It was so nice to see them again after such a long time, and to be able to show them my new city.  We walked around my beautiful neighborhood Zurenborg, cycled through the city and admired Antwerp’s skyline from the roof of the MAS.  Soon I’ll finally have more time on my hands and be able to spend more weekends like this.

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PRETTY THINGS: etsy finds

etsy finds via au pays des merveilles

It’s hard to imagine that some of you have never bought anything on etsy, but if that’s the case: this is your chance.  If you register on etsy now via this link, you’ll get € 5 discount on your first purchase, not bad right?  Etsy offers an amazing amount of pretty things and it’s easy to get lost when you’re looking for something specific, so I’ve selected a few of my recent favorites that I think you might like as well.  Continue reading


inhabited type via au pays des merveillesJing Zhang designed these inhabited letters with an astonishing amount of detail.  (source)

things i told the internet but didn't tell my mom via au pays des merveilles

Anna Ladd questions privacy in these times of blogging and social networks in her series “Things I told the internet but didn’t tell my mom”.  Each of the handmade banners expresses a statement that she posted on the internet over the years but never talked about in person.  (source)

kings and queens of architecture via au pays des merveilles

In the series “Kings and queens of architecture”, illustrator Paul Stuller drew starchitects wearing their most iconic building on their head.  (By the way, you can find my photographs of Bjarke Ingels’ “hat” here.)  (source)

belgian slang via au pays des merveilles

Opening Ceremony is paying tribute to Belgium this month, by posting a Belgian Slang Dictionary on their blog.  You can find all of them here and even send in suggestions!

calligraphy animals via au pays des merveilles

These wonderfully simple animals are drawn by Andrew Fox with just a few strokes of his calligraphy pen.  (source)

engraved rolling pin via au pays des merveilles

These engraved rolling pins look like so much fun, but the best is yet to come: you can even get them custom made!  Get them here.  (source)

houseplant cupcakes via au pays des merveilles

With the cacti-craze and succulent love that has been going around lately (you can read more about my personal plant favorites here, here, here and here or on pinterest), it was just a matter of time before someone combined their love for plants with their love for food.  Thanks to Brooklyn-based baker Alana Jones-Mann, you can find out how to make these cupcakes yourself here.  (source)

thruth facts via au pays des merveilles

You can find the most fun infographics at truthfacts.

landscapes for the people via au pays des merveilles

“Landscapes for the People” is a series by Mark Lyon, displaying the contradiction between these peaceful landscape that are used as a background in stressful environments.  Quite ironic.  (source)

the interiors of wes anderson via au pays des merveilles

I saved the best for last: design bible Apartamento explored the world of Wes Anderson’s movie sets, all of which are designed up until the smallest details.  More photos here.

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life in may via au pays des merveilles

The past month has been super busy once again, as you might have noticed on my instagram.  I divided my time between working on my thesis and a few photography jobs, but luckily there was time to catch up with friends and time for a few blogging events with pretty clothes and yummy ice cream.  Here’s a little recap of what I’ve been up to, featuring  instagram shots and a few photos that you haven’t seen yet! Continue reading


scotch & soda showroom at goldwood interiors via au pays des merveilles

As I mentioned before, the Scotch & Soda showroom was yet again located in the most beautiful venue.  This time, the honor was for Goldwood, an interior shop that sells the most beautiful vintage furniture and doubles as an art gallery.  I could go on and on about the gorgeous space (those brick walls, the light and that glass shelving system next to the windows!) and the stunning furniture (I’d sign for one of those wooden shelves in a second), but I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Continue reading


futur, architecten achtergael by hannelore veelaert

It’s still crazy busy here, which explains the lack of updates on the blog.  My thesis deadline is coming closer, and in between I’m mostly trying to take time to catch up with friends, work on photography jobs and attend a few exciting blogging events.  (More on those later, but if you want to stay up to date, you can follow me on instagram.)  Speaking of photography jobs, the past months I’ve been shooting buildings all over Flanders and Brussels for an engineering office.  I’ve selected a few of my favorites to show here on the blog and updated my portfolio.  If you want to know more about the projects I photographed, you can hover over the photo to find out the architect. Continue reading