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pretty things go green via au pays des merveilles12345678

I can’t get enough of pretty plants and beautiful ways to display them… so here’s a little bit of inspiration!  Find more in my archives or on my pinterest board.

PS.  Au pays des merveilles turned 5 today!

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PRETTY THINGS jewelry via au pays des merveilles

I’m still as much of a fan of delicate and dainty jewelry as I was when I wrote this and this post, so here’s another round-up of my latest favorites.  If you can’t get enough, take a look at my pinterest board on jewelry because there’s a lot more where that came from!

  1. Gold plated Linya ring from Silva/Bradshaw, available here at Still House.
  2. Lone Studs from Young Frankk, available here.  (Just a tip: at the moment they sell similar earrings at h&m for a more affordable price…)
  3. Silver folder earrings from Etsy seller AgJc, available here.
  4. Open thin gold ring, from Etsy seller StefanieSheehan.  Available here.
  5. Necklace N°2 from New Tendency, with stunning detail in the back designed by Marie Burkhard.  Available here.
  6. Lightning necklace from Veronique, a jewelry designer from my hometown who also makes the most beautiful name necklaces.  You can order her jewelry on her facebook page here.  (Prices for the necklaces vary between €50 and €75, depending on the material.)
  7. Steven Shein’s Pharos ring for Of a Kind, with two conflict-free (!) white diamonds.  Available here.
  8. Silver initial on gold chain necklace, available here.

pretty things jewelry via au pays des merveilles

Current favorites from my own jewelry box and a little sneak peek at how I store my jewelry and make-up: galena mineral necklace – h&m,  twig necklace – fashionology, chevron necklace – paper and chain (goodbye/birthday gift from my best friends), bullet necklace – c/o scotch and soda // boxes with cork lid, black and white box and glass – ikea, clips – hema, bowls – thrifted, tiny tin box – unknown // silver vertical ring – fashionology, tiny golden knuckle rings – h&m, gold and silver tiny bar earrings – h&m, golden triangle earrings – unknown (gift from a friend), – silver triangle earrings – fashionology

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PRETTY THINGS: notebooks

PRETTY THINGS: notebooks via au pays des merveilles

I firmly believe you can never have enough notebooks.  Where else will you jot down ideas for diy’s and blogposts or collect your favorite places in a city you’re getting to know, take notes during class or write down memories?  It gets even better when you have a collection of pretty notebooks to choose from!  I have a decent amount of notebooks lying around, quite a few still waiting to be used for the first time, but I wouldn’t mind adding these to my collection at all.

  1. Woodpecker notebook by tale, bringing the trees back to the paper.
  2. Notebook with geometric print, available at papier tigre.  They have lots of other pretty stuff (like number 6 on this list), so take a look around in their webshop!
  3. Notebooks with horseshoe print, handmade by Nightjarbooks.  This shop is closed for the moment, so you’ll have to wait patiently until March for this one.
  4. Forest notebook, handmade by dozi, who sells all kinds of stuff with pretty prints.
  5. Perforated notebooks, available at present & correct.  This amazing webshop sells pretty paper and office objects inspired by homework, the post office and school.
  6. Functional notebooks, available at papier tigre.
  7. Message postal notebook from Moleskine, a notebook that transforms into an envelope so you can send your thoughts instantly by mail.
  8. Sloane stationary sells bespoke notebooks:  you can choose a color and an engraving.  (Photo by Carmo)

PRETTY THINGS: notebooks via au pays des merveilles

Currently on rotation / waiting to be used: (from left to right) muji planner (customized with washi tape from ikea, labels made with hema label maker and baker twine), hema black leather look notebook (customized with gold dot stickers from school supply shop), black notebook from muji (customized with white paint marker), notebook with angular lines from marnix & ally press days, muji cardboard notebook, flying tiger cardboard notebook.

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PRETTY THINGS: calendars

PRETTY THINGS calendars via au pays des merveilles


To celebrate the start of 2014, I collected the prettiest calendars around.  There’s a little bit of everything, from year calendars to monthly calendars, there’s one you have to embroider yourself and there’s one from which you can fold pretty origami shapes.  For more pretty calendars, look at my pinterest board or look at last year’s pretty calendars post since a lot of the designs are being sold again for 2014.

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Hiroko Kubota via au pays des merveillesHiroko Kubota is a Japanese embroidery artist who started decorating shirts with cats on her sons request.  You can find them here.  (source)

Tadao Cern via au pays des merveillesTadao Cern, architect turned photographer, made this series called ‘Comfort Zone’, exploring people’s behavior on the beach.  (source)archipix via au pays des merveillesFederico Babina Architect simplifies famous architects and their buildings into 8 bit drawings, for a series called ARCHIPIX.  (source)

via au pays des merveillesThis adorable lion cub is having the time of his life in the Drummond Safari Park.  (source)

yoni lefevre via au pays des merveillesFor the series Grey Power,  Yoni Lefévre recreated children’s drawings of their grandparents in photos.  (source)

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