And I’m back!  I fell head over heels in love with Lisbon, it’s such a beautiful city, with it ‘s small streets, cute houses, adorable  trams and graffiti overload.  Expect a lot of photos (I’ve taken about 500 pictures) in the days to come!  Here’s the first batch, taken on our first walk in the city.



In one street, we discovered a whole collection of stencils of famous buildings.  Two thumbs up if you can name all of them!




all pictures taken by me

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  1. StrongImagination

    I was there in February, and I can’t but agree with you: it’s a very beautiful city. I especially loved Belém, but the centre surely has its charm too.

  2. Marijke

    Bedankt voor de tip! Jouw foto’s zijn trouwens echt prachtig, heel goede kwaliteit ook en dat is net wat ik zoek :).

  3. Laura

    OMG, supermooie foto’s. Nu wil ik graag naar Lissabon gaan eigenlijk :p
    Klein probleempje: ik krijg je niet tussen mijn favorieten (er gaat telkens iets fout) – jammer, want je bent één van mijn favoriete bloggers…

  4. satiosanta

    hello :) doing a research on lisbon because I am planning to visit, and I randomly stumbled upon your blog. really like your blog, love your perspective. i am going to try out the things you are suggesting! thank you, very nice

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