cinema la em baixo, lisbon, via au pays des merveilles

One thing I was really looking forward to during my trip to Lisbon, was visiting the cinema on the rooftop again.  After I discovered this wonderful place, I made a habit of going every week to have a cheap vegetarian diner with a great view over the city, watch a free movie, catch up with my friends and meet new people.  Unfortunately school (and the cold weather) got in the way and by the end of my 5 months in Lisbon, it had been weeks, if not months, since the last time I was there, so this was definitely on my list when I came back to Lisbon for a week.  Unfortunately, the weekly event changed from cinema la em cima, on the rooftop of an apartment building, to cinema la em baixo, in RDA69.  (Here you can also get your bike repaired and on Sunday they serve delicious pizzas for only 2 euros.) Since it was way too hot to sit inside, we had our delicious meal on the streets.   Despite the change of location the atmosphere and the people are still amazing, and as usual I ran into some familiar faces.  Definitely a must-go if you’re ever in the city!  You can find more info about the cinema here.

cinema la em baixo, lisbon, via au pays des merveilles

cinema la em baixo, lisbon, via au pays des merveilles

cinema la em baixo, lisbon, via au pays des merveillesall photos by me

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  1. Charlotte

    oh ik wil ooit eens naar een rooftop cinema gaan ! en WAT, pizza voor 2 euro?
    btw, mooie foto’s, ze doen me denken aan mijn foto’s van de laatste nacht in Amsterdam :(

  2. Liese

    Oh, zo jammer dat ik dit vorig jaar niet wist!
    Ben er toen ook geweest en lijkt me echt super leuk (:

    Liefs, Liese

  3. correction

    Cinema lá em Baixo is one of the collectives that organize activities in the RDA69. RDA69 is an auto-organized space, everybody frequenting the place contributes to all activities.

    • Hannelore

      Thank you! I tried to figure out what exactly this place was, but with my limited knowledge of portuguese skills it wasn’t so easy. Thanks for clearing that up!

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