au pays des merveilles

Unfortunately, it’s that time of the year again: the exams are coming up, so us students are locked up behind our books and not allowed to think about anything else, like… let’s say blogging.  Which means it’s probably going to be (even more) quiet here in the next few weeks, especially since these are the last photos I saved up to share with you.  Today I’m sharing a little bit of randomness: my favourite boots on the grass during that first day of spring back in march, some impressions of Antwerp during a school trip (luckily on one of those other rare spring days), the view on Leuven from the top of this year‘s Existenz location and Portico Quartet in the AB, one of the few concerts I’ve done since I got back (I’m saving up to go back to Lisbon!) but definitely one worth remembering.  There were very few tickets sold, resulting in a very intimate concert in the AB club covered in twinkling lights and a little talk with the super friendly band afterwards.  I’m ending this with ‘Ruins’ by Portico Quartet, because even though I loved how intimate the concert was, they deserve a much bigger audience!

antwerp via au pays des merveilles

leuven via au pays des merveilles

portico quartet via au pays des merveilles

portico quartet via au pays des merveilles

portico quartet via au pays des merveilles

all photos by me

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  1. manon

    Oh echt! Wou heel graag gaan naar Portico Quartet, maar ik kon niet. Beetje stom voor hen, maar ook wel super leuk om in het publiek te zitten dan! Ga ze wel proberen zien op M-idzomer in Leuven.

  2. Laura

    Keischone botjes Hannelore! Van waar zijn ze? En damn, je mag altijd eens een playlistje voor mij maken hoor ;) Zo leuk dat we wat dezelfde muzieksmaak hebben… Maar ik denk dat ik nog veel van je kan leren! :D

  3. elisse

    Prachtige plaatjes Hannelore! Die eerste foto is zo mooi, zo’n toffe schoentjes! Doe da goe he, uw examens! Heb je er veel of valt het mee?

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