PRETTY THINGS: etsy finds

etsy finds via au pays des merveilles

It’s hard to imagine that some of you have never bought anything on etsy, but if that’s the case: this is your chance.  If you register on etsy now via this link, you’ll get € 5 discount on your first purchase, not bad right?  Etsy offers an amazing amount of pretty things and it’s easy to get lost when you’re looking for something specific, so I’ve selected a few of my recent favorites that I think you might like as well. 

  1. The blogger behind A Merry Mishap makes beautiful jewelry, including this gorgeous necklace.
  2. NormansPrintery sells all kinds of pretty printed paper.  My favorite is this mountain range wrapping paper.
  3. If you’re looking for scented candles that that not only smell good, but look good, pommes frites is your way to go.  The scents include sugar & spice, sweet grapefruit, laundry day and apple picking, so there should be something for everyone.
  4. Etsy is not only the place to go for small gifts (for someone else or yourself), but you can fill your entire house with gorgeous etsy purchases.  This coffee table from petrifieddesignis handmade from reclaimed telephone poles, what’s not to love?
  5. For stunning posters, OAKgallery is your way to go.  I’m a sucker for collages, what can I say.  You can find this Le Sauvage print here.
  6. Boxwoodtree makes terrariums in all kinds of amzing shapes, but of course the architect in me had to pick this one.  House-shaped designs always catch my eye, and this glass house is no exception!
  7. At dozi you can find pillow covers, notebooks and pouches in pretty prints.  I already have a small collection of graphic printed pillows in grey, black and white and this scales pillow cover would match with them perfectly!
  8. Beautiful stationary always makes my heart beat faster, so inkkit is like heaven to me!  They sell hand painted twig pencils, gold glitter stickers in geomtric shapes, library cards and lots of other pretty stuff.  If you’re like me and so much prettiness makes you dizzy, this collection of silver embellishments seems like a good place to start.

PS.  Because I prefer being honest about this: for every two people that register through this link and make their first purchase, I’ll get a €10 discount as well (with a max of €100) so I’d be very grateful if you’d use this link when making your first etsy purchase!  I’m considering it a thank you for all the etsy treasures I’ve recommended over the years.

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